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We have close links with Knoxwood Wildlife Rescue Trustand treat many wild casualties every year.

What to do when you find an injured wild animal

It is important that you are very careful for the safety of the wild animal and yourself before trying to capture an injured wild animal. The animal may get very stressed and cause harm to you and itself.

In the event that you do find a wild animal try and call your nearest wildlife rescue centre, they can advise you with what to do.

If it is safe to catch the animal then make sure you wear gloves and keep it away from your face, a secure cardboard box with ventilation holes and lined with a towel or newspaper is ideal. Keep the contained animal as quiet as possible. Take it along to your nearest wildlife rescue centre where it can be properly cared for and will have a higher chance of survival.

Always remember: If a wild animal is not injured then LEAVE IT ALONE. Unecessary human contact will only stress the animal out and cause it to injure itself.