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Routine Surgery

On admission patients are given a pre-operation examination to identify any problems and then further tests can be performed if necessary i.e. blood tests in older patients.

Patients are weighed to accurately calculate the drugs needed and a premedication (premed) is then given to calm the patient and reduce the amount of anaesthetic needed. The premed also gives a smoother anaesthetic and recovery.

Depending on the procedure being carried out, the patient will be clipped accordingly and cleaned.

Canine and Feline Pre and Post Operation Advice

  • Food should be withheld from midnight the night before any anaesthetic/ sedation/ operation.
  • Remove water bowls first thing on the morning of the operation.
  • It is a good idea to keep cats indoors the night prior to surgery to prevent them disappearing or catching breakfast.
  • Dogs should be walked on a lead prior to admission to allow them to toilet, but please try to keep them as clean and dry as possible.
  • We recommend that the night after an operation animals are kept warm and quiet and are fed about a quarter of their normal food.
  • Dogs should be walked on a lead the week following surgery to prevent any damage to wounds.
  • If stitches are present an appointment will need to be made 7-9 days after surgery to check the wound and remove stitches, unless instructed otherwise.  

Rabbits / Small Mammals Pre and Post Operation Advice

  • Food and water should be available until admission.
  • Rabbits and other small mammals will be fed shortly after awakening from surgery.
    You might want to bring a small amount of your pets food from home incase he/ she dislikes our food.