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Farm Animals

Our team of vets cover approximately 400 farms over a large area which extends from the dairy farms of the Solway Coast up to the hill farms of the North Lakeland Fells.

Farming is a major industry in our area and at Belle Vue Vets we strive to give an excellent, honest and reliable service to our farmers whom we view as friends as well as clients.

We Provide:

  • 24 hour emergency services - hardly a week will go by without one of the vets attending a middle of the night calving. They are on hand 24 hours a day for all your farming needs.
  • Routine visits and examinations - during these visits we are happy to discuss any aspect of animal care as well as the case in question.
  • Ultrasound pregnancy diagnosis and fertility scanning - we have 4 state of the art ultrasound scanners for cows, all of which do not require mains electricity. These enable us to detect pregnancies from 4 weeks of age and are an aid on the diagnosis of other conditions. Regular routine scanning can also be arranged on a monthly basis to a day that suits you.
  • Herd and flock health planning - this is becoming more important and ideal in many cases a necessity in modern day farming. Simply arrange an appointment to come in and speak to one of our vets.
  • Calf treatment pens - enable us to treat and monitor scoured calves by administering fluids intravenously.
  • Ewe lambing/caesarian area - during the spring we are very busy with lambing and general sheep work. Our lambing area enables farmers to bring their sheep to us so we can operate in a clean, hygienic environment.
  • AI courses - Alistair holds a diploma in bovine reproduction and is holding regular artificial insemination courses for farmers to attend. These are held on a regular basis and anyone can apply to go onto the course, whether local of from further afield. Call the practice for more information.
  • Farm Discount Scheme - All of our farming clients are entitled to participate in our Farm Discount Scheme, there is only one condition. The bill that you receive at the beginning of the month must be paid before the end of that month. You will then receive excellent discounts on a large range of drugs. For further information, please contact the practice.