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Cattle Breeding Services

Embryo Transfer Services

Bovine Embryo Storage

We have an approved bovine embryo storage facility on site in Wigton. If you have frozen embryos or are considering buying some we are able to store them and then implant them when required.

Embryo Implanting Service

We are able to implant your frozen embryos into suitable recipient cows when required. This can be done following natural oestrus of the recipient animal or a breeding programme can be set up. Please contact us for more details and to discuss your requirements.

Treatment of Repeat Breeder Cows

The repeat breeder cow comes bulling every three weeks without fail but doesn’t seem to hold to the bull no matter how many times she is inseminated. Many of these cows have no reproductive abnormalities and in actual fact do conceive after each insemination, but simply do not continue the pregnancy due to the failure of the cow to detect the presence of the newly formed embryo.

One treatment involves implanting a second low-cost embryo into these cows (after routine AI). This doubles the signal to the cow indicating pregnancy and increases the chance of her becoming pregnant.

We have beef-cross embryos which can be used in this way to improve conception rates.

If you have any cows in mind for this treatment, please speak to us to discuss what is involved, as not every cow is suitable for this treatment and the timing of embryo implanting is critical.

DIY AI Training

We run DIY AI training courses for farmers wanting to inseminate their own cows. The course is DEFRA approved and is held over 4 days.

The course consists of one full day of instruction on the theory of AI and practice with post-mortem material, followed by three days of practical training on farms with cows.

During the course we also cover reproductive anatomy, the principles of semen handling, timing of AI, heat detection and the relevant legislation.

After the course there will be a "check day" to assess how trainees are progressing and to address any problems they may have been experiencing.

All successful trainees will receive a certificate at the end of the course.

DIY AI courses at our practice are open to everyone, whether you are local or from further afield. Please phone the surgery for more information, details of nearby accomodation can also be provided.

AI Training Refresher Courses

We also run refresher courses for those who already do DIY AI. Several studies have shown that reviewing your AI technique regularly improves conception rates.

This one day course will review heat detection and semen handling skills. Semen placement accuracy will be assessed using dye techniques and ultrasound.

For more information and details of the next course please contact the practice on (016973) 42174.